Concept Creation

The process of Design requires immense inputs in the idea creation phase. Thinking of new and better ways of solving the problems of our customers is required for the success of the product in question. We at SKM Designs revel in the fact that we come up with innovative ways to solve some of these problems which results in better, more efficient and cost effective products. This phase requires long brainstorming sessions with all of our employees coming together and pitching in ideas. Everyone’s input is collected and then filtered out. This phase allows us to get a basic direction that we would want the product to take. It allows smoother functioning in the rest of the process with the whole team aware of the strategy being followed and the final goal to be achieved. The relevant technology to be used is also understood and previous designs (if any) are also analysed. We try and reduce complexity, improve efficiency and shape products according to the specific requirement of the customer. Some basic sketches and doodles are collected in the process to bring clarity to ideas and once this process is done we shift our focus into the next phase of the design process: Industrial Design.