Industrial Design

Industrial Design starts with taking the idea in mind and creating numerous sketches. This brings shape to the idea and allows detailed analysis. Sketches are created of different components and also the complete assembly. Once done, the various ideas are again filtered out with the team again coming together for selection. Here the manufacturability of the various ideas is also considered. A suitable design is selected and then the work shifts onto the systems. Softwares like Solid works and Rhino are used to create the designs in 3D. The profiles are created, the product is styled, the individual components designed. Thus separate component files and assemblies are created. This process reverts back and forth from the sketches and requires constant feedback. Now the product starts to take shape. Colours and special features are added and the process now shifts to rendering phase. Using add ons to Rhino such as V Ray the product is rendered with relevant background images to provide the perception of a live product. This allows product analysis from a real world perspective. All these images are sent to the customer for feedback and support.