Solar Water Heater

HimHot is a simple modular design where in each panel is integrated with  glazing, tank  & insulation . This is ready to use system, just fill the tank from top and keep in direct sun. It’s a batch type design, in which the cold water is filled in the morning, the system is kept in the sun and hot water is available by afternoon.


The proposed design is modular. Each module/panel has a capacity of 12.5 litres of water and has a glazed area of 500 mm x 500 mm. The panels can be attached or detached as per requirement and hence the capacity can be altered as per the requirement. Four panels joined together would provide 50 litres capacity, while eight panels adds up to 100 litres.

Light-Weight & Portability

Each panel when empty is expected to weigh 5-7 kg. The panels have been designed in such a manner that they can be easily carried in hand or on back. The front glazing is of poly carbonate thin sheet which is tough and un-breakable.

Advantages of Modular Design

  1. Easier mass manufacturing, easier assembly & very cost effective.
  2. Light in weight, easy to carry, install and use.
  3. More user friendly, one can still buy the smallest system of 12.5 LPD and scale up to any volume of hot water.
  4. Simple construction, can be assembled without use of any material handling devices.
  5. Tank can be blow moulded plastics, Stainless steel, or galvanised based on requirements like bathing, washing, cooking or drinking.
  6. It can be instantly shifted to a new location based on sun availability

24 Hours Hot Water Availability:

If the hot water is to be stored in the evening / over night, the  panels should be transported indoors and the two panels can be placed together (facing glazing to glazing) and clamped. The two hot water tanks are now insulated from both the sides and HIMHOT is converted into hot water storage.