Company Overview

SKM Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a hardcore industrial design consultancy firm located in Faridabad that has been creating innovative, yet realistic, design solutions for a diverse range of industries ranging from R&D, technology, appliances, medical to consumer products, machines and environments.

Our success has been founded on three key principles: originality, reliability and talent. We provide our clients with innovative solutions and comprehensive expertise including: research, design and engineering, human factors, 3D modeling, product interface, prototyping, trial and contract manufacturing.


We boast of being the only core product design consultancy in India which focuses not only on product design and styling but also on innovation and product performance. With an extensive repertoire of products ranging from brand new concepts to improvements in existing designs, we at SKM are committed to bringing to our customers the most value to their product with a mixture of the latest technology, refined engineering and improved design.

With the help of our Engineering, Design, testing and prototyping facility, we take the process of design from the concept creation phase to manufacturing with continuous feedback and support. Our venture into verticals like agriculture and consumer appliances and with customers ranging from the Indian army to Medical Device Manufacturers, our diverse skill set allows us to successfully work on a variety of challenging design problems.

Major Sectors

  • Agriculture Implement Design
  • Home Appliances
  • Research & Development
  • Healthcare/Medical Products
  • Renewable Energy
  • Machines
  • Defence R&D